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Matt Lemon Cover

“Receiving credit for an image we created is a given, not compensation, and credit is not a substitute for payment.” – Tony Wu, Photographer

“If you write something that an editor thinks is worth being published, you are worth being paid for it. Period. This advice applies to designers, photographers, programmers, ANYONE who makes something. You. Deserve. Compensation. For. Your. Work.” – Wil Wheaton, Actor and Author

All photos published on this blog or on my Facebook pages or Twitter account are either my own, i.e. by Matt Lemon Photography, or reposted with kind permission. Upon request, I may grant permission for my photos to be used for non-profit purposes, in which case you must add as photo credit “© Matthias Lehmann/Matt Lemon Photography”. Once you publish my photos (or videos) on your blog or website, I expect you to share the link with me. In case you wish to use any of my photos in commercial or print publications, please contact me by leaving a comment below. Before contacting me, I recommend you to read Tony Wu‘s Reasons why professional photographers cannot work for free and Wil Wheaton‘s You can’t pay your rent with “the unique platform and reach our site provides”. See also The Oatmeal‘s cartoon Exposure or the below by Jason Chatfield.

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