Reflection #6

reflection 6 © matt lemon photography. all rights reserved.
31 Building reflected in the yet to be completed façade of the Hanwha HQ. Seoul, South Korea. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.
“They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.” ― Confucius


The 31 Building by Pyongyang-born Korean architect 김중업 Kim Joong-Up (1922–1988) and the headquarters of 한화 Hanwha stand on either side of the 청계천 Cheonggyechon (Cheonggye Stream) in downtown Seoul, and thus in the 종로구 Jongno and 중구 Jung districts, respectively. I’ve photographed both buildings repeatedly over the last two years, especially the Hanwha HQ whose new guise was designed by  Dutch architectural practice UN Studio. This shot is a farewell shot as I am about to relocate to Jeju Island.


“If we are to remain constant in our life, constant in our happiness, or even keep up with that which is wise, we must change with it. If we don’t, change will happen without us.

By paying attention to the change which is happening around us, we can change with it, and maintain our happiness and retain our wisdom. But that requires us to be aware, and to take action on what we notice.

If we fail to notice, or refuse to change, then our happiness will change, and probably not for the better. What we consider wise may not apply anymore. Consider all the old sayings which no longer apply, as the wisdom they once contained has not changed with the times.”

Source: KC King on philosiblog

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One thought on “Reflection #6

  1. Great pic, any others ?

    I worked on the project as facade consultant when with Arup in Hong Kong, Ive since moved onto Inhabit but always interested to see projects that I’ve worked on come to fruition. Thanks

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