Tranquility #2

Tranquility #2 © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Raindrop-covered gynoecium of a calendula officinalis, also known as marigold. Tsushima, Japan. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

This photo was taken on a rainy day on Kamijima, the northern part of Tsushima, a Japanese island situated in the Korea Strait between the Japanese mainland and the Korean Peninsula. I’ve been mulling for a while whether or not to feature this photo here due to the fact that it’s mostly blurry, but the focal point, the marigold’s gynoecium, is not, and the photo quite perfectly captures the tranquil atmosphere that day. Should you ever visit Tsushima, make sure to check out this impressive website created by a former resident.

Speaking of marigold: I have yet to see as much as the trailer for “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” as I worry that it will take away from the magnificence of the original. If anyone has already seen it, please leave a comment below and tell me what you thought about it (without spoilers, please).

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2 thoughts on “Tranquility #2

  1. I have seen the movie but not the first part so I cant really compare them. The 2nd part is great if you want to switch off – not too deep not too shallow, a good laugh. My opinion only, of course.

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