[76] Beauty - Matt Lemon Photography - All Rights Reserved

Oxeye Daisy [Chrysanthemum leucanthemum] at the Botanic Gardens. Belfast, Northern Ireland. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Back in October 2014, a friend asked me to participate in one of those chain games that both her and I usually dislike. The idea is to share a photo of a beautiful flower to spread some positivity in light of the many awful news one hears throughout the week. That week, members of the Northern Ireland Assembly had decided with 81:10 votes to criminalise sex work, thus ignoring the voices of sex workers, factual evidence submitted to the justice committee, and the research conducted by researchers from Queen’s University Belfast. No pretty flower could right this wrong, but there was beauty in the courage of sex workers (and allies) who protested outside the Stormont parliament building. This photo is dedicated to them. You are beautiful!


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