[42] Luxury - Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Artichoke blossom. Swabia, Germany. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

On a recent trip to southern Germany, I saw pumpkins and artichoke blossoms for sale at a stall right next to a field. While a fresh artichoke is about €1 or less when they are in season, the beautiful blossoms went for €4 a piece – after all, they please the eye longer than it takes to eat an artichoke. To this day, artichokes and aïoli, a dip that goes with them, retain an aura of luxury for me. A plant that looks so extravagant, yet, one can only eat a small part of it, the rest is decorative only.

In the days after I took this photograph, I heard two people making statements about luxury:

“Luxury lives on desire. It’s unnecessary. You need potatoes and bread to eat but you don’t need luxury. So that’s why you pay more for that.”
— Karl Lagerfeld, Designer [1]

“Buying shoes isn’t ‘buying’. You need shoes. Buying is getting something you don’t need.”
— Eve Racine, Photographer [2]

What is luxury to you? Do you purchase luxury goods?
If yes, what are they and why do you buy them? Or if not, how do you feel about luxury?

Please leave a comment below.

[1] Karl Lagerfeld: Luxury still desirable in new markets | BBC News
[2] Metz + Racine


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