[37] Gingko - Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Ginkgo leaves. Campus of Chungnam National University in Daejeon. Chungnam Province, South Korea.
© Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright Infringement

The above photo was the first – but not the last – that I’ve found being used without permission by different for-profit businesses. On occasion,  I do allow my photos to be used by non-profit organisations (e.g. here and here) but those who work for profit, I must ask: if you make a profit from the work you do, why would you think it’s fair to use someone else’s work without authorisation to profit from it?

As actor and author Wil Wheaton put it: “If you write something that an editor thinks is worth being published, you are worth being paid for it. Period. This advice applies to designers, photographers, programmers, ANYONE who makes something. You. Deserve. Compensation. For. Your. Work.”

And as photographer Tony Wu explains: “Receiving credit for an image we created is a given, not compensation, and credit is not a substitute for payment.”

(See also The Oatmeal‘s cartoon Exposure.)

If you are interested in using any of my photos, please read Wil Wheaton’s and Tony Wu’s articles as well as my copyright notice before contacting me.


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