[36] Childhood - Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Handlebar of a tricycle. Izuhara, Tsushima Island, Japan. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

“[W]here technology has advanced enough to allow humans the free time to make judgements upon others, then child labour or education becomes just another label to mark others as different. By differentiating between cultures, we apply our own values, perhaps superimposing them on the values of those who come from a different historical and sociological background. The concept of western culture as ‘better’ comes from our assumption of developing nations as ‘worse’ and we use our concepts of childhood as a fundamental measure in this regard.”

Roberts, K. (2010). The child as currency: examining adults’ concepts of the value of childhood, The Plymouth Student Educator, Vol. 2, No 1, pp.40-49.

What does childhood mean to you? What reminds you of childhood? What do you think childhood should be like?

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5 thoughts on “Childhood

  1. Charlie Byrd’s Blues Sonata. The picture on the front of the album is just about my first visual memory. First aural one is the opening of the Christmas Oratorio. Best childhood memory is a valley full of rhododendrons where I used to play when I was seven or eight, in North Wales: the bushes were big enough to climb in, and made a huge dark three-dimensional labyrinth that went on for about three miles.

    Comment left via Facebook by Dominic from Hong Kong

  2. Sleeping outdoors when it was hot, holidays down south to see relatives, wanted to be a mountain climber growing up of all things (got the mount part right), exploring everything I could, thought I could fly and tried many times (ouch), Christmas, lots of siblings, freedom, innocence and fantasies…

    Comment left via Facebook y Krissy from Perth, Western Australia

  3. Childhood is period in which they are worthy of happiness. All the memories with parents is what reminds me of childhood. Childhood is a time where they want to be and want to be involved in adult problems while it was not a child who does not understand. This is from my point a view. 🙂

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