[23] Lotus - Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

A lotus flower offering at a Buddhist temple. Ayutthaya, Thailand. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.


“Peace is not an idea. Peace is not a political movement, not a theory or a dogma. Peace is a way of life: living mindfully in the present moment. It is not a question of politics but of actions. It is not a matter of improving a political system or even taking care of homeless people alone. These are valuable but will not alone end war and suffering. We must simply stop the endless wars that rage within. Imagine, if everyone stopped the war in themselves – there would be no seeds from which war could grow.”

Claude Anshin Thomas (*1947), American Zen Buddhist monk, Vietnam War veteran, and author of Hell’s Gate: A Soldier’s Journey

3 thoughts on “Lotus

  1. Reblogged this on Καιρός und kommentierte:
    Der Lotus ist meine Lieblingspflanze; besonders die Lotosfrucht mit ihren eingeschlossenen Samenkapseln hat es mir angetan. Danke, Matthias, für dieses wunderschöne Foto!

    1. My pleasure. I love it, too. The seed pods at the lotus pond next to my university were often stolen by visitors. As a result, the nearby temple had to put up signs to ask people to please leave the pods alone because otherwise, not enough new lotus flowers could grow. People are funny in the appreciation of mother nature.

      Since ‘Lotus’ has become my most successful photo on this blog so far, I shall feature a photo from that pond some time in the future.

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