[20] Unhate - Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Graffiti in Haebangchon, Seoul, South Korea. © Matt Lemon Photography. All Rights Reserved.


“Hate is one of the causes for the lack of social and economic development of new generations.” – Statement by the Unhate Foundation

Striking example of the struggle between tolerant and prejudiced forces in contemporary Korean society. The photos were taken between late January and mid-May 2012. To get a general idea about LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual transgender) rights in South Korea, click here.

LGBT Rights in Korea: “Not Now, Later”

At a gender equality forum on February 17, … a woman stormed into a legislative forum demanding sexual minorities’ issues be addressed, only to be told by bureaucrats, “Later. Not now for you—wait!” The unnamed demonstrator called out [presidential candidate] Moon [Jae-in]’s hypocrisy, stating “I’m a woman and I’m homosexual. If you argue that you’re a feminist but do not ’support’ homosexuality, then do you think my rights as a human being can be cut down by half? Are you saying that you support my rights as a woman but do not support my rights as a homosexual?” She was greeted with jeers from Moon’s supporters and indifference from the politician himself. –  Dan Avery for NewNowNext [March 8, 2017] | Continue reading 

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11 thoughts on “Unhate

  1. I’m Korean man living in Haebangchon. I wanted to see all stage of this graffiti battle. Thank you for what you did. I’m very curious to know whom did it, too.

    1. Hi LJ,

      you are very welcome. I was so pleased when I first saw it, and then so peeved when all the hatred poured in. A young Western woman talked to me this morning when I put up the poster at the bus stop and she told me she had seen a Korean woman (!) work on the graffiti. When she asked her what she was doing, wondering whether or not she might be the person that kept defacing it, the woman replied that she was in fact repairing the damage, so it seems that the graffiti might be the work of a Korean or Korean American woman. I look forward to finding out who she is.

      Thanks for your nice comment. It’s good to see that there are not only Korean men out there who have no problems with gays and lesbians but even speak out about it. Kudos to you!

    1. You and me and everyone we know passed by this, I think. I am glad people enjoy the photos. Now let’s find out who the ‘unhating’ artist is. 🙂

  2. I’m so surprised to discover someone who’s just like me 😮 I saw it first a year ago. I’v observed how it changes, too. I post some pictures included your poster on my blog. Really glad to see you and hope to find out who the artist is!

    1. Dear Romie,

      Thanks for your nice message and for posting photos of my poster as yet another stage of the graffiti battle, together with the link to my blog. I am not really surprised that I’m not the only one who took some photos, but I am surprised that the graffiti seems to have been left undisturbed for such a long time before someone eventually decided to deface it.

      Click here to view Romie’s blog. (best viewed using Internet Explorer)

      The message above the link to my blog reads: “”So there were some others like me! Someone put up an advertisement about their blog saying they have the ‘My Family’ graffiti there. hahaha! This is the link.”

  3. Hello Matt,
    I would like to send you some photos and documents which would further clarify what all that was about. I can’t seem to find your email address however. Perhaps you can let me know what it is.

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